Champions Immunity List – September 2019

Omega Red Poison
Iceman Bleed + Poison + Incinerate
Havok Incinerate
Sunspot Incinerate
Mister Sinister Mind Control + Taunt
Sabretooth Coldsnap + Frostbite
Magneto (Both) Mind Control
Colossus Bleed
Ghost Rider Bleed
Morningstar Bleed
Mephisto Poison + Coldsnap + Frostbite
Dormammu Bleed + Poison
Unstoppable Colossus Bleed + Mind Control
Juggernaut Mind Control
Night Thrasher Incinerate
Korg Bleed + Shock
Hyperion Poison
Medusa Poison
Captain Marvel Movie Poison
Kamala Khan Poison
Ms. Marvel Poison
Captain Marvel Poison
Ronan Poison
Black Bolt Poison
King Groot Bleed
Groot Bleed
Darkhawk Bleed + Poison
Sentinel Bleed + Poison
Warlock Bleed + Poison + Coldsnap + Frostbite
Vision (Both Versions) Bleed + Poison
Mysterio Poison
Ultron (Both Versions) Bleed + Poison
Nebula Bleed + Poison
Vulture (Duped) Incinerate
Void Incinerate
Thing Bleed + Shock + Armor Break/Shatter + Nullify + Stagger + Fate Seal
Gladiator Hulk Poison
She Hulk Poison
Luke Cage Bleed
Red Hulk Incinerate
Human Torch Incinerate
Hulk Poison
Electro Shock
Joe Fixit Poison
Abomination Poison
Conditional Immunity and Champs that Shurg-off Debuffs
Omega Red 90% reduced bleed damage
Emma Frost Everything(in Diamond Form).
Not Immune to Mind-Control
Mister Sinister No Immunity but the first special attack will transfer all the debuffs to the opponent. So he is usable for Bleed, Poison or any debuff node Node.
Rogue 70% Reduced Duration for all Debuffs
Bishop Shrug off 1 bleed stack at the cost of 1 prowess charge
Cable Each successive poison duration reduced by 20% until he becomes fully immune
Beast 65% reduced bleed damage
Old-Man Logan 85% reduced bleed damage
Blade 85% chance to prevent debuffs from triggering againstall Villians character. Keep his Power Meter Full to make him shrug off debuff from all characters including heroes. Add Ghost Rider in Team to Prevent Debuffs from All Mystic Champs (even heroes)
Ægon (Duped) Up to 100% immune (Depends on Combo Meter)
Killmonger with Void Synergy KIllmonger has a 35% chance to purify a debuff and regenerate 4% health when Vibranium Armor is active.
Taskmaster Each successive debuff reduces potency by 10%, until 10 when he becomes fully immune.
Crossbones 25% Chance to Shrug off all debuffs
Kingpin 50% Chance to Shrug off all debuffs
Agent Venom 70% Chance to Shrug off all debuffs
Karnak 65% reduced poison damage.
Reduced duration for Non-damaging debuffs Depending on Signature
Corvus Glaive Bleed + Coldsnap + Shock (When Immunity is active)
King Groot Shrug off debuffs after 0.5 sec at the cost of 1 fury buff
Groot 55% Reduced Duration for all Debuffs
Ghost with Hood Synergy Takes no damage while phasing
Iron Man Infinity War Bleed + Coldsnap(when Armor’s Up)
Mysterio “Mind Control (Reverse Control) Immunity WithEmma Frost Synergy.
Ability Accuracy Immunity (Shuts down for 10 secs if armor is broken or not Knocked Out by Spider-Verse Champs).”
Nebula Can shrug off 3 Shockdebuffs and gain 5 shock charges each
Captain America IW with Skill Champ Synergy up to 100% chance to purify all debuffs at the cost of 1 kinetic potential (Depends on the amount of added signature)
Gladiator Hulk Regenerates 70% of damage taken by debuffs.
She-Hulk (Duped) X% chance to purify Debuff Each Hit She lands against Science champs
Wasp 8% to shrug off debuffs (except bleed) and evade
Red Hulk Shrug off Incinerate and poison debuffs and convert into heat rage
All Champions with Nick Fury and Deadpool (all versions) Synergy If Nick Fury is alive, Once per-fight all team members (except Nick Fury) can purify poison, shock, and bleed debuff and regenerate 10% of max health. Perfect for debuff nodes.
Conditional Immunity (2)

“No” champion is immune to Magik’s Limbo and Void’s Intimidating Presence Debuffs. But some champions can avoid this.

Archangel Void is not likely to apply any Intimidating Presence Debuffs and Magik won’t trigger Limbo afterArchangel put Neuro debuffon them.
Domino Makes the Void’s Debuff and Magik’s limbo fail now and then.
Blade with Ghost Rider Synergy There is 85% chance that Blade will prevent passive debuffs (e.g. Void’s Intimidation debuffs and Magik’s Limbo)
Nick Fury (Duped) Stun Immunewhen he is knocked out once and his life model decoy is destroyed
Captain Marvel Takes no damage when indestructible is active
Quake You got to apply Concussion Debuff on Void to prevent intimidating debuff and So will it prevent Magik’s Limbo. It may not be possible when Void/Magik is placed on Stun Immune Node
She-Hulk (Duped) X% chance to purify Debuff Each Hit She lands against Science champs
Luke Cage Takes no damage when indestructible is active
All Champion withShrug off orReduced PotencyFeature (Not Applicable for Magik’s Limbo) All the champions that can shrug off debuffs are good against Void. Check the Shrug Off List Above
Any Champion With Pacify Mastery When you parry Magik and attack her she is 30% less likely to get limbo if she fills power bar.
Note: Useless on Limber and Stun-Immune Node
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