Best Champions for Buffet & Power Snack Nodes


What is Buffet Node?
• Every time attacker triggers a buff (including dexterity), it is nullified and the Defender regenerates 15% of their max health.
• This effect can trigger only once every 7 seconds.
What is Power Snack Node?
• Just like Buffet, triggering a buff (including dexterity) causes the opponent to gain power. It has a cooldown of 7 seconds like Buffet.

• Top Counters for Power Snack and Buffet Nodes:

1. Thing

• Thing is immune to Nullify effect.

2. Civil Warrior

• Civil Warrior is also immune to Nullify effect.

3. Civil Warrior

• Red Guardian does not get any buff (including dexterity).

4. Quake

• As long as you are Quaking, Quake will ignore all the nodes.

5. Archangel (if fighting non-poison immune)

• Just apply 3 or more of Neurotoxin.

6. Red Magneto (If fighting Metal Defender on that node)

• 70% chance to make Power Snack Fail.
• Opponent will never regenerate health on the Buffet node.

7. Hulk with Hulkbuster Synergy


Hulk gains immunity against Nullify effect.

8. Mister Fantastic

• Just apply petrify debuff as a prefight ability.

9. Angela (High Signature)

• Angela gains 25% Nullify Ability Accuracy on each buff. So, Angela can easily handle the nodes.

10. Storm Pyramid X with Sorcerer Supreme Synergy


• Applies 50% Ability Accuracy Reduction to Nullify effect.

11. Colossus with White Magneto Synergy


• Opponent suffers 65% Ability Accuracy Reduction on Nullify effect.
• Opponent also suffers 65% Ability Accuracy Reduction on Stagger effect.

12. Loki

• When the opponent is cursed, Buffet or power snack will not trigger.
• Once the curse is applied. Loki will ignore the nodes.

13. Hela with Loki or Thor Ragnarok Synergy


• 70% chance to make Nullify effect Fail.

14. Mephisto

• As long as Mephisto has a sole, Mephisto will ignore all the nodes.

15. Gwenpool

• Reach 40+ hits on combo meter, Gwenpool will ignore all the nodes.

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